Required Equipment

All fencers will need the following:

Front zip jacket
Standard 3-weapon mask
Electric SG epee, #5, French grip, German tip
Standard epee body cord
Plastron/underarm protector (required for both men and women)
Ladies' plastic chest protector (required for women)
Fencers will also need one black sock and one red sock, and the AHS uniform patch (provided by the club). Socks must be long enough to fit under the bottom of the knickers. For safety, USFA regulations say no skin on the leg can be exposed while fencing epee, since legs are part of the target area.
Optional: fencing bag

What to look for

Mask: The mask should fit comfortably and be neither too loose or too tight. The bib must be sewn to the mask.

Uniform: The uniform consists of the jacket and knickers (pants). A form-fitting uniform looks better than a baggy, generically sized uniform. Jackets may come with a zipper in the back (to accommodate the left of right handed fencer) or the zipper may be in the front. It is suggested that you purchase a front zip jacket. When ordering the front zip jacket specify whether you are left handed or right handed, as the zipper is on the opposite side for each. When purchasing your uniform, look for a material (cotton) that offers protection and durability.

Electric Epee: Blades come in different lengths. You want a #5 (35") blade. This is what you will usually receive, unless you specify otherwise. Specify whether you are right- or left-handed. There are a number of manufacturers that produce the electric points on the epees. Your are advised to order your electric epee with a German point. They cost a few dollars more, but a German point will give you the best service over time. Order an epee with a French grip on it and you can modify it for a pistol grip later on, if you choose. Beware of very inexpensive blades and blades that do not have the name or insignia of the manufacturer. Cheap blades may break easily and can break unevenly, which is dangerous. Cheap blades are more likely to hold a bend and break at the tang than higher-quality blades. When purchasing an epee, you may want to upgrade to a higher-quality blade. FIE Approved maraging steel blades can cost $100+, however there are a number of good quality non-FIE blades available. An upgrade to a higher quality non-FIE blade may cost only $5-$10 and is money well spent.