Varsity Lettering Requirements

The following basic criteria must be met in order to earn an AHS letter for fencing:

1. Student may miss only two practices per semester (unless pre-approved by sponsor).

2. Student may miss only two tournaments per school year. If student is not able to fence in the tournament due to MINOR injury or illness, he/she should attend to support the team.

3. The student must participate in and be present for the entirety of the following events unless excused:
   a. Team tournament hosted by AHS on (date to come).
   b. GHSFL Championship Tournament on (date to come).

4. Dues must be paid in full for current fencing year.

5. The student must be equipped with required gear by Sept 3, 2015. Opportunity to buy gear at TEAM DISCOUNT in Aug 2015.

6. All fencers must exhibit good sportsmanship by:
    a. Wearing appropriate attire to practices and tournaments.
    b. Following safety protocol at all times, so as not to be a danger to themselves or others.
    c. Respecting the Team Captains, Coach, Sponsor and Team Mom at all events.
    d. Displaying team spirit.
    e. Helping other members of the team.
    f. Staying at tournaments to support other members of the team still fencing.
    g. Maintaining dignity and appropriate behavior during practices and tournaments.
    h. Maintaining good citizenship on and off campus.
    i. Assisting with setup and cleanup, before and after tournaments and practices.

7. Fencers must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher.

8. Fencers must “place” (in top 16 rank) in at least one tournament during the year.

9. Fencers & Parents must obey all rules in the AHS Fencing Club’s “Code of Conduct.”